Saturday, December 27, 2014

Peek of the week 1 - Rosa Parks

I'm going to try to establish a weekly phenomenon called "peek of the week" here on the blog, meaning I'll briefly introduce you to something I think is important to know a little bit about. General knowledge about important people of history, wonderful places worth going to, fun websites and so on… This week's "peek" is a look at Rosa Parks. Rosa who, you might say? Well,...

Rosa Parks was born in 1913 in Alabama, USA, and died in 2005 in Michigan, USA, at the age of 92. She became a household name in the USA for being one of the contributing factors behind the Montgomery Bus Boycott in late 1955 and she was also part of the growing civil rights movement at that time. Here is a short video that explains the incident that led to the bus boycott and also to the rise of Martin Luther King Jr as an important figure in the fight for equal rights. If you want to read more about Rosa Parks, you can have a look at this page.

Rosa Parks on a bus (Photo: Corbus - the Guardian

So there we have it -  the first peek of the week and, hopefully, not the last one!