Sunday, January 11, 2015

Peek of the week 3 - Haggis

This week's "peek" into something worth knowing a little bit about is a Scottish traditional dish - haggis. Haggis is a dish that divides people - some love it and cannot live without it, others cannot stand it! But, traditional and Scottish to the bone it is.

Usually haggis is eaten to celebrate Robert Burns day, which is January 25. Robert Burns was a Scottish poet who lived in the 1700's. His Ode to a Haggis is recited at the dinner when celebrating Robert Burns day. Haggis contains sheep's intestines together with onion, barley, oats, traditional spices and it is usually cooked in a sheep's stomach. However, the video below shows a haggis being cooked in a canvas pouch due to practical reasons. Take a look to see how a haggis is made:

Here's the ode and the traditional serving:

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