Saturday, January 24, 2015

Peek of the week 5 - Canva

This week's "peek" into something, is the digital tool Canva. During the past week a few of my students began composing poems about emotions and illustrated them with the help of Canva. I found the interesting assignment in a discussion forum on Facebook and there was a link to Sara Bruun, who had her students do a similar thing. I am very pleased with how they started working with this, and we will continue next week creating more poems.

First, we quickly talked about what kind of emotions we can experience..and examples like "fear, anxiety, joy, sadness..." came up. The students chose one emotion, worked with a friend, and followed the following guidelines for the structure of the poem:

Title (emotion)
Line 1: ....(emotion) is (color)
Line 2: What does the emotion taste like?
Line 3: What does the emotion smell like?
Line 4: What does the emotion feel like?
Line 5: What does the emotion sound like?
Line 6: What does the emotion look like?

Here are some examples of what was made, and how Canva can be used:

Canva is easy to use, can be totally free of charge (there are elements that cost, but you can do without them) and is a lot fun when it comes to visualizing words like poems, stories or if you want to make a poster etc. Give it a go! :)

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