Friday, February 27, 2015

Peek of the week 10 - great videos and channels on YouTube

Peek of the week 10 focuses on channels and inspirational videos on YouTube. What they have in common? They are informative, often funny and graphically appealing and, not to forget, they are in English. Here are some of my favorites..

Apart from English, I also teach History and I really like Epic Rap Battles . Important historical figures pop up with fun lyrics, but still with facts woven in..
Here is 
Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr:

Crash Course has illustrative videos with a tiny humoristic twist. Subjects to be found are History, Chemistry, Biology, Literature among others...

How and Why We Read:

It's Okay to be smart has informative videos and this is a current favorite of mine:

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls has some videos where smart girls take a dominant seat - love it! Here is Girls of the World and Hannah from Northern Ireland:

Other good channels to recommend are:

CGP Grey (witty informative videos) 
SoulPancake (Kid President is found here, reflective videos about life...)
Teaching Tolerance

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