Thursday, March 26, 2015

An eventful day - tea party and q&a with Canada

It has been a hectic day today with many highlights. We started out with one more tea party (the last one) and again the students were very helpful, cooperative and we had a jolly good time, once more.  

Ceasar slicing the cuke with perfect precision.

 Astrid putting the sliced cucumber on the buttered sandwiches..

Midday, I received a package from Windsor, Canada and Roberta Brooks. In it... Canadian candy for the students! Swedish berries and chocolate loonies. Bliss! Thank you sooooo much! We are thinking of what to send back...

At 1.30 p.m. it was time to have a Q&A-session with Mrs Brooks' class and we had a great time asking each other questions and having a few laughs. 

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