Monday, March 2, 2015

Mystery Hangout with Windsor, Canada - year 8

Today we tried to Mystery Hangout with Roberta Brooks and her class in Windsor in Canada. On time we connected but somehow, without understanding why, we never got our sound to work. So, instead of listening to each other we had to write our questions in the chat, which worked, but a little of the excitement was gone, unfortunately. The students, however, still continued to work hard and after about twenty minutes we could figure out that they were from North America and were Canadians. It was more difficult though to find out which town they were from....

After a couple of hints from Roberta's students we were able to guess right, that they were located south in the province of Ontario and close to the American border and Detroit. Windsor was the name of their city. At that time the Canadians had already guessed that we were from Sweden and "south of Stockholm" and when we gave them "B" as a starting letter for our town they guessed "Byxelkrok" which was a bit off but they were slowly getting there. After a hint of "we're close to Gothenburg" they guessed right. Good job on both sides!!! And fun!! Next time though the audio needs to be in a better mood! :) Here are some pictures from the Hangout:

Photographer: Alice Palmkvist


  1. We had so much fun but admit we missed hearing your "accents"! Love seeing the pictures from your end. I will link your blog when I write about our week on Friday. The kids will love to see themselves on your screen.

  2. Hi Roberta! Sounds good - looking forward to reading in your blog about it. You will definitely get to hear our "accents", although not many of the students "sound Swedish".. :)