Sunday, March 29, 2015

Peek of the week 14 - Short films

I like short films very much, so much that I always come back to them in the blog and in life. I sometimes use short films at the end of lessons to quickly discuss a theme or to take up something important. Occasionally I even make the short film the center of attention during a lesson and build tasks around it. Some of my favorite short films I have collected under the page "short films" above.

The Australian short film festival Tropfest is where my interest started. From there on I found other good sites with short films: Film English, Film Shortage, Short of the week and Films Short. Of course there are other places to find brilliant shorties, but these are a few that I regularly go back to.

So which are my favorite short short films of all time? Well, that is too difficult to say, but a few of my current favorites are:


Mind the gap: 

Mo'Ne Davis: Throw like a girl:

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