Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mystery Hangout with Valladolid, Spain

Today it was time again for a hangout, this time with Brandon Pinegar and his students from Valladolid, Spain. Being in the same time zone made it easier this time too. My grade 8 was divided into two halves and I took one of them into another classroom to set everything up. A few minutes after 10 we connected via Google Hangout and started asking each other questions straight away. After a few minutes the Spanish students were able to guess our country and, by accident, one Spanish girl asked "Are you close to Estocolmo" and then my students understood that they were from Spain since "Estocolmo" is the Spanish title for Stockholm. Then, we asked if they were close to Madrid but no they weren't....We gave each other a clue about our cities and after a few minutes we both guessed right on each other's exact whereabouts. One of my students - Tilda - got to speak a little bit of Spanish too which I think made her day. Following are some pictures from the hangout: 

Mr Brandon Pinegar and students

 From our point of view

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