Thursday, May 21, 2015

year 7 - Taste and texture

Take a look at this video:

And here's an "oldie" goldie. Listen to HOW the Canadian kids describe taste and texture:

Next week I'll bring some treats to class and the idea is for you to taste them, describe the taste and texture by using appropriate and descriptive words.

Tasks for the lesson on Thursday:

1. Watch the two videos together in class - afterwards talk about the words used for describing tastes and textures.
2. Read through the vocabulary list: Vocabulary to describe food
and try to learn the meaning of the words.
3. What is your favorite food, and how would you describe it? What does it taste like and what is the texture like? (Write the answer in your note book or in a word document on your computer)
4. Also, read the following "mini-article" and take the quiz. Quiz

Best of luck! /Pernilla

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