Monday, May 18, 2015

Mystery Hangout with Napier, New Zealand - Kia ora!

Kia ora!* We started off Monday morning with our next to last hangout of the school year. We have about three weeks left of school here in Sweden and we will have the last hangout on Thursday afternoon. I definitely hope to pick it up again in August/September, but I also need to put a new spin on it... 

This morning we connected with an unknown country (for the students) and very early on one of my students said "their accent - it sounds like they're from Australia or New Zealand"...and soon enough we had guessed the right part of the world. As usual, it's trickier to track down the exact city/town/village, but when the 30 minutes were up we had found out that they were to be found on the east side of the North Island, in a place called Napier. The name of the school: Tamatea Intermediate School. The students' teacher, Kerri Thompson, had organized an evening with students and parents and there was an energetic vibe from the New Zealand classroom. Two girls sang a little song for us with some accompanying hand movements...what was that, Kerri? Would love to find out! :)

Due to the big time difference it was 9.30 am in Sweden and 7.30 p.m. in New Zealand. So wonderful that we still could organize an event like this! Lovely! Here are some snapshots from the hangout:

On our big screen

Pinpointing New Zealand on the map

Melanie and Isabella

Lauri, Mukhtaar, Paolo, Lucas and a tiny hint of Liridona hard at work

 The wonderful Kerri Thompson

The students had roles assigned to them

From left: Liam, Felicia, Alma, Afnan, Isabella, Maya, Yasmin, Oden, Limar, Vanessa and Linda.

Bye and thank you!!

P.S. Next week we hope our surprise reaches the students in NZ... ;)

* = a Maori greeting meaning "be well" or more casually "hi"

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