Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mystery Skype with Anyang, South Korea

This morning we had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Alyson Rudy and her students in Anyang, South Korea through Mystery Skype. I've done numerous Mystery Hangouts but this was the first time with Skype. It worked well until we got a problem with our loudspeakers and we had to continue with just the computer's sound, more difficult, but it worked out well. Unfortunately a couple of my students saw a South Korean flag in the back of Alyson's classroom so we quickly figured out that we were in South Korea. Next time we also have to make sure not to "give away" any clues. Alyson's students didn't have computers so we had an advantage there, but I think both sides used their mobile phones instead too and we both found out each others' cities after about 25 minutes.

Thank you Alyson for this opportunity to travel halfway across the world! Next Wednesday we're connecting again to ask each other questions about our different cultures...looking forward to that indeed! :)

Some pictures from today's Skype:

Hi South Korea!

Some of the questions we asked...
A couple students used Google Maps in their quest for the location...

From our end, year 7 students looking at the screen...

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  1. Hej Pernilla! Ville bara säga att jag tycker att du har en riktigt bra blogg med massvis med tips om hur man kan lägga upp engelskundervisningen. Kul!