Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mystery Skype with Greece

We finished off the week with a Mystery Skype with my year 9 students. This was the first time that I hadn't prepared the students for the Skype session in advance...and that was a mistake for sure. Six students wanted to ask and answer questions and we came off to a good start, however, I was a bit disappointed in a couple of male students who didn't manage to keep an entirely good tone with our mystery guests. The students still managed to ask questions but preparation is indeed a good thing and my 7 graders got to prepare questions today for our Q&A session with South Korea next Wednesday - preparation is the key here. I'm sort of glad that things didn't fully work out according to my plans - I learned something from it and learning is awesome!

Rebecca and Lola are asking the Greek students a couple of questions. A bit of the school yard in the background.

The 17-year old Greek students

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