Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Q&A with Anyang, South Korea

Today we re-connected with the students in South Korea (the ones we Mystery Skyped with last Wednesday) and asked questions about each others' cultures and life. Things we found out today was that the students in South Korea:

* start school at the age of 7. A normal school day they start at 9 o'clock and finish at 4 o'clock, and afterwards they have something called "Academy" for three hours, every day. In other words, a South Korean student comes home late in the evening. 
* get lunch for free at school, generally they eat a lot of vegetables, rice, soup, meat, pork and kimchi. The lunches are very healthy.
* They have many subjects in school, like Math, Science, Art. P.E. and Chinese.
* wear school uniforms
* outside of school a typical teenager might dress in jeans, t-shirts, jerseys..
* like kimchi and it's a very South Korean dish
* think that Hyundai and Kia are two famous Korean car manufacturers. 
* wear special traditional outfits for the holidays
* were 14-15 years old

The students in South Korea

a Korean girl in a traditional Korean holiday dress

a Korean boy in a traditional Korean holiday outfit

Saying goodbye to us

Thank you for skyping with us today!

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