Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Perky Nanas from New Zealand! What's not to love?!

Today I happily welcomed a package from my global colleague Kerri in New Zealand, (remember we sent Swedish candy to them a few weeks ago) and now "the Kiwi" dito arrived. I was happy to see the Perky Nanas - as I love the name and was curious as to what they tasted like. Banana and chocolate - can't go wrong! I made a video with my students tasting the treats and after editing it it'll pop up here in a few days' time. Thank you Kerri, Jemma and students!

Cutting up the candy for the students and our tasting session! 


  1. Hi its Amelie from Tamatea Intermediate.I was wondering if you have a video of your students trying the candy if you do could you please post it on your blog.

  2. Hi Amelie! I do have a video and I sent the link to your teacher Kerri in mid-June. I hope that you'll be able to watch it through that link. Unfortunately I had some problems with my computer at the end of last school year and I wasn't able to put it up on the blog or Youtube for you. I wasn't able to transfer it... So, ask Kerri... :) Thanks for commenting! :) /Pernilla