Saturday, September 5, 2015

Against all odds - bringing the current world into the classroom

Part of Europe is on fire, not literally, but metaphorically. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages are escaping e.g. Syria for a better life in a country not affected and torn apart by war, terror and internal struggles. Some of those people end up here in Sweden, a few of them become my students and their struggles to get here are heartbreaking, to say the least. No one should ever have to go through what they have had to endure. During the last few days there have been numerous awful photos in the media of people sacrificing their lives for basic human rights, such as waking up each day and not fearing for your life. Most of my students live in a different world, and although some of them are aware of what's happening, it's my responsibility to enlighten them further. Next week the original preliminary plan goes out the window and in goes knowledge about what life as a refugee could be like, what the situation in the world is like now as I write this. I probably will use some of the following sources:

UNHCR's educational game "Against all odds".
The Boat - graphic story

Migrant Crisis - article from BBC

EU Migrant Crisis - article from the Telegraph

Ten moving photos of Europe's migrant crisis

Professor Hans Rosling explains the Syrian refugee situation:

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