Friday, September 11, 2015

This is what I'm reading now


On my way to Stockholm today and this is what I'll be reading on my way up!! Can't wait! #GRAFish

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Kia ora Pernilla,
    Isn't the book wonderful - a few lessons in there!
    Hey I did email about a site which has collaborated with GRA called WriteAbout. I made us 4 classes a group in there so we can have our writers connect during the Read Aloud. It seems such a cool idea to share writing - kids can comment on and read each other's writing. Would be great if you could get your kids signed up. Will do Edmodo group soon too:)

  2. Hi Kerri,
    Oh, I'm only halfway through but it's so promising and endearing in its descriptions of the family and Guide's struggles through the mountains.... I've taken a look at WriteAbout but haven't really figured out how it works yet...getting there slowly. I will probably start off on October 1st, a little bit early, because we have a week off school at the end of October. I'll email you soon... :)