Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hangout with Laura Dron (L. S.Matthews) today

Having finished reading "Fish" we were delighted to be able to speak to the author Laura Dron today. My students had prepared a few questions, a couple questions came from our friends in NZ and some students came up with some new ones during the session - some a bit original, like: 

* Do you like porridge? (yes, but she doesn't like making it)
* Have you had a fish yourself? (yes, when she was younger... a carp - Laura told us a story about this)
* What's your favorite food? (Thai)
* Can you make a living as an author? (No, that's difficult, but she's also an artist)

and some that had to do with the book:

* Why is Tiger genderless? (because we can all make up our own vision of Tiger that way)
* Where does the book take place? (wherever we want to...)
* What happened to the donkey and the Guide at the end? (well, their purpose was done so they could vanish from the story...)

We also found out that Laura lives in Bridport, England with husband. She has two grown-up children and her son got married recently. She has eaten Swedish meatballs and thought they were ok. She also asked us a few questions and when she found out that the students were 14 years old she recommended her book "The Outcasts" which may be suitable for older students .....we'll look into that one. 

Thank you Laura! :)

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