Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holidays are coming...holidays are coming - assorted material

Documentary about Bruce Mertz, a.k.a. Mr. Christmas.

1. How many lights are put up every year?
2. How long does it take to put everything up?
3. What is the total of the electricity bill?
4. What happened to Mr. Christmas' wife?
5. What happened to his cat - Trixie?

"A Social Network Christmas" - the story of the nativity in the context of social media!

Anglophenia tells us how a British Christmas is compared to the American counterpart.

1. Why are letters thrown into the fire?
2. Instead of putting out milk and cookies for Father Christmas, they put out what?
3. What is a Christmas cracker? 
4. What is the main dish on the Christmas table? 
5. What is bread sauce? 
6. What is Boxing Day? 

"A brief history of Christmas traditions from around the world" 

"How to make Christmas crackers" - a step by step guide

"Who is Santa Claus?"

"December" - a short short film from the perspective of ...?

Link to Christmas resources - Teaching English/British Council

Link to Hanukkah - the history (video)

Link to Kwanzaa- the history (video)

Link to Christmas - the most wonderful day of the year? 

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