Friday, February 26, 2016

Snapshots from today - Valentine's Day posters - year 8 and 9

Today we had an exhibition in year 8 and 9 for students who have English and Swedish instead of modern languages like German, French or Spanish. We have focused on Valentine and how to write an ode to someone or something. The students have tried to express themselves in English or Swedish. Some of the students have only been in Sweden a short time, so I was extremely impressed by their work. Add chocolate snowballs, chocolate cookies, cider and some yummie candy hearts and you have students that enjoy mingling and putting their works on display. Each visitor at the exhibition was also asked to give positive feedback on post-its. 

Natalia writes a positive comment....

Felicia and Amanda prepare the drinks

Amanda, Linnéa and Felicia are prepping to greet the visitors

Malak makes chocolate snowballs

Gabbe opens the cocoa box....

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