Monday, March 21, 2016

Snapshots from today - NO H8!

Today's theme day on media and information literacy was a success. According to the students who evaluated the day - through a Google Form - the day had an interesting content and discussions that were rewarding. Later this week I will take a more thorough look at everything surrounding the day but I am pleased with how it went. The students in year 8 produced thought-provoking posters (made in Canva) with focus on #nohate. More posters will be added during the week. Have a look at some of them here:

Poster made by Limar

Poster made by Ceasar, Melanie, Alma, Ellen and Isabella

Poster made by William

Poster made by Afnan
Samir trying out Google Cardboard

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Hate - a theme day around media and information literacy

Miley Cyrus as photographed by Adam Bouska

Director Lee Daniels - photo credit: Adam Bouska

For many weeks I have been working on and planning a theme day at our school around media and information literacy (MIK in Swedish). Tomorrow's the day and I am very excited! Focus is put on No Hate and how to behave on the net and social media and the whole school is taking part! I will document some of the happenings here as they happen....on Instagram and Twitter we will use the hash tag #erikslundskolannohate. Why not join the cause!!??

No Hate

Jag <3 Internet

Vad är näthat?

Ses Offline?

Statens Medieråd - MIK för mig

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homework for year 8 for Tuesday week 12

Homework for Tuesday, March 22:

Find a news article - either on News In Levels or Breaking News English. Read it, summarize it and learn how to retell it in your own words. During the lesson on Tuesday you will retell the news article in your own words for a couple of people - including me. 

Remember to include the answers to the questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? to make your summary really good. 

Best of luck!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Speaking like crazy! - year 8

Plan for Speaking like crazy! 

During weeks 10-12 we will focus on speaking and especially interaction, that is you speak to each other and respond to each other, work together and help each other out. :)

Foxfire - confessions of a girl gang - year 9

Questions about characters/actions/the movie:
1. The girls in Foxfire are very different, but despite that they are drawn to the gang community.Why, do you think? What is it that they find in Foxfire that they are missing in their lives?
2. Which of the actions and protests of Foxfire are reasonable and good? Do they ever cross the line of what is acceptable? When is the line crossed?
3. In Foxfire there are several guy gangs, but Foxfire is the only girl gang. How is Foxfire different from the guy gangs?
4. Describe the main characters (Maddy, Legs, Rita, Goldie, Lana, Snow White). What are their stories?
5. In Foxfire there is hardly one sympathetic man. Is that a problem? Why/why not?
Society/Looking at the world - questions for discussion:
6.The men that the girls hook up with and mug; are they innocent? Or are they automatically guilty from the fact that they are men and therefore part of the oppressive, patriarchal system?
7. Give examples of how oppression of women, racism, and anti-communism is illustrated in Foxfire. Do all women and black people have the same low status or are there differences between various groups? What are the differences?
8. What similarities and differences are there between the USA at that time and Sweden of today? Choose one similarity and one difference that you think are very obvious and describe these in detail. What could possibly happen in Sweden today and what would be unthinkable? Why, do you think?
9. Is it ever acceptable to break the law in order to achieve something that you think is very important?( that is, is it the end that justifies the means?)
10. Imagine that the gender roles were the reversed in Foxfire -- that the main characters were guys who protested against how they were being treated. How would that turn out? How would the world react to such a gang? Would they treat each other differently than the girls in Foxfire?
11. How do the boys in our class feel after watching this film, do you think? Do they feel wrongly accused? Is it still possible to feel for the girls in Foxfire?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Skyping with Briarhill Middle School, Highland Village, Texas

Linnea and Matilda are telling the students about school lunches. A lunch at Briarhill costs 3 dollars and you could choose between e.g. chicken burgers, pizza, nachos, tater tots....In Sweden the lunch is free of charge.

Viktor, Oskar, Linnea and Matilda skyping with the students from Briarhill
The students at Briarhill Middle School

Viktor and Oskar

We had a great time skyping with Briarhill Middle School today - they have a 24-hour Skype-athon and on their blog you can read all about it. Briarhill is a school with around 900 students and the ones we talked to were between 11-13/14 years old. We found out that you can get your driver's licence when you are 16 years old, you need to be 21 to drink alcohol, the school has a team called the Bulldogs and they also have a fabulous gym and cafeteria. Thanks for skyping with us and making us part of your world tour!!!!! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Year 9 - prepping for work on digital literacy

Starting tomorrow we will start working with digital literacy in year 9. Here is a snapshot of what we will do. 1. Evaluate websites using a checklist 2. Self-assessment of digital skills 3. Searching for facts and information from the Internet about an American state.