Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Hate - a theme day around media and information literacy

Miley Cyrus as photographed by Adam Bouska

Director Lee Daniels - photo credit: Adam Bouska

For many weeks I have been working on and planning a theme day at our school around media and information literacy (MIK in Swedish). Tomorrow's the day and I am very excited! Focus is put on No Hate and how to behave on the net and social media and the whole school is taking part! I will document some of the happenings here as they happen....on Instagram and Twitter we will use the hash tag #erikslundskolannohate. Why not join the cause!!??

No Hate

Jag <3 Internet

Vad är näthat?

Ses Offline?

Statens Medieråd - MIK för mig

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