Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Presentations about female short story writers

On Monday my students in NA16F finished their studies on female short story writers and one part was to - in their study groups - gather information about one female writer and additionally summarize one short story by the same. The questions to be answered were:

  • Where and when was she born? Include a photo of the author in the presentation.
  • Where did she live growing up?
  • With whom did she live during her childhood?
  • When did she decide to become an author?
  • Has she won any awards?
  • What kinds of books has she written? (Themes in the books?)
  • Summarize the short story you read by the author and tell it to the audience.
  • Comment on how easy/difficult is was to find information about the author. What sources have you used? Were your sources reliable? Why/why not? Include a list of sources at the end of the presentation

The students worked with a joint Google Presentation and made an oral presentation in addition. Here are some of their presentations:

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