Saturday, January 28, 2017

Planning our Skypeathon

On March 16-17 we (my students and I) will host a 24-hour Skypeathon. I am still in the process of planning the whole event and I have managed to fill about 20 out of the 30 or so slots, so far. We have a few slots left on Friday morning and up until noon, but I am hoping to fill them soon!!! 

Why Skypeathon you might ask? Well, I thought about it myself and came up with these answers:

  • Give students an opportunity to practice their English in “real” situations with native people.
  • Cultural interest - compare living conditions, school cultures, food traditions, leisure activities etc…
  • An international/global perspective is extremely important right now.
  • Students will increase their knowledge on certain issues, e.g. World War (connections with former battleship museum at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and museum in New Orleans, Louisiana), National Parks (connection with park ranger in Yellowstone National Park), Biology (connection with marine biologist Jennifer Nolan in Florida), Journalism (connection with journalist at newspaper in Stockholm )
  • Students will get to document and reflect on their Skype sessions by blogging, tweeting and using social media to spread the message...hence, increasing their digital and social media skills by working on their digital strategies. Teachers will monitor communication. There will also be an article in the local newspaper and hopefully a short clip on local television.
  • Social happening that will strengthen bonds between students/teachers
  • Environmentally friendly! We will travel the world practically for free!
  • and more....

in the Classroom by pnillaelander

Making entry and exit tickets in Canva

I have been using exit tickets for quite some time now, not every week but a few times a month and I use them to either evaluate, assess or check something before the students leave the classroom. Now I have decided to also start using entry tickets to get the students active right away when coming into the classroom. Here is a newly made version! Feel free to use, if you want. :)

Entry and exit ticket by pnillaelander

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

Snapshot from today - starting to read "Tell the Wolves I'm Home"

Made a laminated "plan for reading" with my class SA15P as we started reading the above book today. Looking forward to discussing the many trials and tribulations of Greta and June.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

My agenda for the first half of 2017

As I am writing this it is freezing cold outside. All of a sudden, after months of mild weather, the frosty and shivering cold winter has made a visit.. I suppose it is a welcomed one, after all. :) I am sitting and writing my agenda for 2017, things that I am planning for my students, things that I am especially looking forward to during the first half of 2017. There will be a focus on reading at the start of the semester in English 6, and in English 5 we will take a look at news articles and then move on into a creative writing-project with inspiration found in the art of Banksy and Alice Pasquini. English 6 will then dive into a Spoken Word-theme and I am all excited about that one! More to come - all the best for the New Year! /Pernilla