Thursday, January 5, 2017

My agenda for the first half of 2017

As I am writing this it is freezing cold outside. All of a sudden, after months of mild weather, the frosty and shivering cold winter has made a visit.. I suppose it is a welcomed one, after all. :) I am sitting and writing my agenda for 2017, things that I am planning for my students, things that I am especially looking forward to during the first half of 2017. There will be a focus on reading at the start of the semester in English 6, and in English 5 we will take a look at news articles and then move on into a creative writing-project with inspiration found in the art of Banksy and Alice Pasquini. English 6 will then dive into a Spoken Word-theme and I am all excited about that one! More to come - all the best for the New Year! /Pernilla 

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