Friday, March 10, 2017

Student poem - Creative writing inspired by Alice Pasquini

Here student Aphinya Kam-Asa presents her poem, inspired by Alice Pasquini's "Deep Tides Dry."

The Abyss 

Falling into the cold dark abyss, into the emptiness of his heart
The stars that were close to me were now too far apart
The things he told me were merely figure of speech
He gave me the half of his heart but yet it was far from my reach
Now I’m waiting for the darkness to devour my soul, waiting for the memories to swallow me whole
The moments I spent up there are not to be told
Secrets are kept and kept until old 
I will not forget what once was the truth
and the stars will sing for him and forever preserve his youth
He was the stars, the dust, the moon, the light
He blew me away into the darkness of the night
Now he shines brighter than the sun
Those who can reach him are; none
I waited for him, I opened up my heart
and the moment I saw him; I knew that he had me from the start
He played me like a cello, with every stroke I sing
He played me until I broke but still I call him my king
Words can not describe him, he was the wings on my back
Now he has left me and my wings have cracked

I’m now falling, falling and infinitely falling into the black

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