Thursday, March 9, 2017

Student poem - creative writing inspired by artist Alice Pasquini

Poem inspired by Alice Pasquini's art, see below:

Flickering lights 

The first warm tear left her eye and found its way down her red cheek.
Slowly, like a snake finding its way through a landscape, 
leaving a trace of black like a tail. 
Soon the lonely teardrop got company 
and the tears began to stream down her face in black lanes. 

She tried to wipe away the teardrops with her hand 
and felt her dry skin scratch against her cheek. 
When her fist was soaked and started to ache like salt in an open wound,
she gave into the waves of sadness rolling over her. 
She tried to breathe normally, 
but every time a wave crashed, 
it felt like someone put a hundred stones on her chest, 
making it hard to breathe. 
A cold hand of panic grabbed her heart, 
it felt like she didn’t get enough air, 
causing her pulse to race and beat like a sledgehammer. 

Her attempts to calm down by counting to ten felt worthless, 
the only achievement was not losing control over her whole body. 
She still had a part of her mind 
and she used it to dream away. 
Letting her thoughts drift away in the right direction to calm her mind, 
picturing her family, 
best friend, 
the cute guy in school, 

No, wrong direction. 
Her thoughts bounced like balls, 
and the monster from the deepest part of her soul slowly crawled out in the light. 
It fed off her biggest fear, 
And now it was feasting in her dark thoughts and insecurities. 
The black shadow spread in her mind like sun rays in the morning, 
hitting everything visible and affecting it. 
Her body reacted immediately, changing her pulse from human to rabbit, 
as fast as a lightning striking a tree. 
She had to start all over with the counting to ten to handle it all. 

With her hand pressed against her stomach to slow down her breathing, 
she tried to escape the terrifying monster of darkness again. 
This time her soul floated like a butterfly through the dream world, 
built of clouds, rainbows and valleys filled with flowers. 
Containing animals playing around her in the green grass and she imagined the feeling of their soft fur against her hand. 

But especially she dreamt about the stars, 
oh how she wanted to see the burning lights in the sky. 
Looking so weak with their faded, flickering flames, 
yet so powerful. 
Millions of lightyears away, 
still their light cut through space, 
finding its way to her. 
And maybe they knew, 
maybe they didn’t. 
That their flickering light had saved her life. 

Suddenly she felt it in her bones, 
like wolves’ instinct to howl at the moon. 
She heard them screaming her name, and then she soared. 
She cut through the air like an arrow, 
feeling the wind dance in her hair and the cold tickle her body. 
Flying so high that she didn’t bare to look down, 
soon so far away that she slowly faded to a glowing dot on the night sky. 
Becoming a star in outer space, 
able to save someone else’s life with her own flickering light.

by Alice Helstad

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