Sunday, March 12, 2017

Student poem - inspired by the street art of Banksy

Here another student, wanting to be anonymous, presents her poem inspired by Banksy's art. 

Photo credit: Getty Images

A Heavy Heart 

Her body was overflowing with happiness
With a heart as light as a feather
Sparkling eyes shining brighter than all the stars combined in one
The sun threw its heat to the surface of the earth forcing the spring to bloom
The laughter and singing of playing children outvoted the buzzing of the city
Children just like her
Glowing smiles 
Free of worry
Dreaming of their future lives 
Pretending to be doctors, musicians and teachers

Waking up to the real world 

Dreams of a future she was never able to grasp, slipping out of her hands
Aching limbs and muscles
Her world instantly turned upside down
Love replaced with hate
Laughter overturned by screaming cries of sorrow
The howling wind echoing over empty streets 
Filling people’s hearts with colorless dust
Forcing out every good feeling that could possibly be left
The sounds of screams and murmuring streams of blood replacing the music of laughter

The world, a cruel place

Snatching the happiness of an innocent child in the blink of an eye
The bitter blast of a bomb buried her hope at once 
Erased the smiles on people’s faces
Opened up the doors for disaster and suffering 
Why would this little girl, out of every person on the planet, experience this hate
This lack of love and liberty

The taste of hate in the air makes the girl on the dusty streets shiver
The absence of peace is making itself reminded
When demons haunt their minds and bodies
When blood spills and tears fall
The life in the war zone is difficult 
Will it ever change? Will the life of the little girl ever go back to how it was before?
Before she was stained with blood
Before the tears were crawling down her cheeks, making marks in the dirt
Before the streets were drowning in dust and again dust

She closed her eyes, slumbering into a sleep that she hoped would last forever

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