Friday, September 28, 2018

Snapshots from the Gothenburg Book Fair

Yesterday we visited the Gothenburg Book Fair with our students in year 1. It is always one of the highlights of the year and, personally, I love the ambience it hosts. Yesterday I also had the chance to attend seminars and at the end of the day I felt very inspired by all the talks I had listened to during the day. Author Jacqueline Woodson spoke about how to create realistic characters and about how her love of basketball is a recurring element in her books. It was an entertaining session where I got to understand a little bit more about the process of producing a creative work like a young adult book.

ALMA-recipient Jacqueline Woodson talking to Maria Lassén-Seger during the seminars on Thursday.

Lucy Crehan gave an intriguing speech in the morning too when she spoke about how Sweden compared to other countries with regard to the results in the PISA rankings. Towards the end the conclusion was made that Sweden had a few things to be proud of and a few to improve. The things to be proud of, according to Crehan, can be seen below. 

photo from Lucy Crehan's lecture on Thursday.

In the afternoon I listened to Jon Keegan in a visually impressive lecture about "Visual Journalism in the Trump Era". The 45 minutes flew by far too fast.

photo:  Jon Keegan and his lecture "Visual Journalism in the Trump Era"

Friday, September 7, 2018

A snapshot memory from this summer

We went to Florida this summer and one day, while visiting Legoland, we came across The Cypress Garden at the end of that park...and wow, what an amazing experience it was when we stumbled onto the BANYAN tree. Majestic! Stunning!