Sunday, November 18, 2018

Skyping with the Flipgrid team and a school in Budapest during Skypeathon

I have recently started my planning for the 24-hour Skypeathon that we will conduct in March at our school. Microsoft's and Skype's own Skypeathon took place on November 13-14 and we decided to join by taking part in two sessions only, due to our own version coming up in a few months.

The first session was on November 14 with the Flipgrid Team in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Great session with four employees at Flipgrid that were curious about our country and students, while my students had prepared a few questions to ask the staff, regarding their company, city and country. Need I say that Donald Trump also came into the discussion?

The Flipgrid crew in Minneapolis:

Tweet from Jim Leslie from the Flipgrid team

The next session was with a class in Budapest, Hungary. Their teacher's name was Gabriella and she guided her students through the session with a great deal of professionalism. The focal point of the session were the differences between our schools and countries.

Gabriella's students in Budapest: