English 6

Module 5: Tell the Wolves I'm Home for SA15P

Module 5: Of Mice and Men for SA15M 


Module 4: I read therefore I am! 

Module 3: Cover letter

Here are a few examples from Blueprint B - showing ads for various job positions. Choose one of the ads and respond to it.


Link to plan for Module 2: U.S.Election 2016

Useful phrases when giving a speech:


Video about concord:

Module 1: 

Here is the link to Quizlet

Module 1: Theme Tolerance - plan

Instructions for Discussion essay - essay due September 19 2016

Example of essay  (from Blueprint B)

Revision of text

The DNA Journey:

What are human rights?:


Preliminary plan for SA15M/SA15P:

Questionnaire English - what are your opinions about English as a subject?



Knowledge requirements for English 6:

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