* Basic guide to essay writing (learn how to write an essay)

* Capitalisation 

* Common writing mistakes

* Confusables 

* Describe appearances 

* English punctuation

* ESL Writing Galaxy (different writing tasks)

* ESL Writing worksheets (different tasks)

* Good essay topics 

* How to improve your English writing skills:

* How to write a book review

* How to write a haiku

* How to write a persuasive text

* Interactive Writing Game 

* Teenink (write your own stories and publish them, or just read others'):

* Time for kids - help with writing

* Typeracer (increase your typing pace - not so much improving writing maybe, but a lot of fun!)

* The Secret Door (pictures to inspire your own writing):

* The Snow Day (finish writing the ending to the story)

* Spelling - Interactive Learning Sites

* Summer Camp (finish writing the ending to the story)

* Your favourite day (answer the question)

* Writing exercises

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