Short films

Here is a collection of good short films: 

* Alma (approx. 5 mins):

* Boats (approx. 6:15 mins):

* Cargo (approx. 7 mins):

* December (approx. 1.40 mins):

* Identity (approx. 5:20 mins):

* Let's make a movie (approx. 7 mins):

* Marry Me (approx. 7 mins):

* Matt (approx 13 mins.):

* Max's movie (series in ten episodes from UR)

* Mo'ne Davis: Throw Like a Girl (approx. 16 mins):

* Paperman - short film:

* The Present (approx. 4 mins):
The Present from Jacob Frey on Vimeo.

* Roof Rattling (approx. 14:40 mins)

* Selfie:

* Spin (approx. 8 mins):
* is it ok to reverse the order of things that happen in life?
* What could the consequences be?
* Should we do everything we can to avoid bad things from happening in life? Why/why not?
* Describe the people in the film - are there different kinds of people?

* Sports matters (3:40 mins):

Sports Matter | Harlem Lacrosse from The Mercadantes on Vimeo.

* Strange diets - dirty secret (10:11 mins)

* Strangers (approx. 7 mins) :

* The DNA Journey: 

Momondo "The DNA Journey" from ArtOfficial Agency CPH on Vimeo.
* The Notebook (approx. 1.30 mins):

* Time (approx. 7 mins):

questions to film:

* is there such a thing as time travel?
* are the actions of the class mates appropriate?
* was the boy's object a remnant from a time travel?
* could the ending be interpreted in various ways?

* We've all been there (approx. 7 mins): 

* Zero (approx. 12:30 mins):

questions to film:

1. What is the theme of this story?
2. Who is ”Zero”?
3. What do the numbers on the characters signify?
4. What does the phrase ”he didn't want to be a negative number” mean here? Could it mean something else?
5. ”The most wonderful feeling was the sense of belonging” - why is this so? What happens when you don't feel like you belong anywhere?
6. The newborn was born with ”the mark of infinity - something truly magnificent!” Explain why this is so.


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